With a grandfather who arrived from Italy as a tailor by trade, it seems natural that Reneé would grow up with a strong love of sewing and crafts. Whether it was knitting, crocheting, or expressing creativity in ceramics, she has been involved in arts and crafts since she was 8 years old. After getting married, she helped support the family by sewing for her family and home. She lived in Germany for 5 years and studied wood working and German Folk Art painting & design and then created works that were sold at craft shows and as consignment items. She learned the skill of hand quilting from the Mormons but soon discovered that her real interest was in the area of long arm quilting and design.

Reneé keeps her skills current by taking classes and working on custom hand-crafted quilts. Each year she takes a hands-on class, the most recent in Georgia with expert Pam Clarke. She is a quilting instructor who actively teaches quilting classes and is a member of the International Machine Quilting Association (IMQA). Reneé has always had a dream of owning her own business and being in charge of her own success. Her love of quilting and her skills in Long Arm quilting, headed her in the direction of setting up a business in her favorite craft. She finally has a chance to follow her dream and take advantage of her creative skills with Susie Q's Quilts.